Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some feedback

Hi, it's been a crazy internet week for us. We didn't expect to have so much traffic on the site. It's great that so many people got to see the reel and leave feedback, either here, by email or on the vimeo site where the reel is hosted. After working on our stuff for so long now, we're just glad to see that some people other than us actually likes it! A little encouragement is always welcome, really.

There were some comments asking about the state of the productions shown on the reel. Actually, of those, only Nocturna has been produced and released. That was done for a spanish production company, before Headless, and it had very poor distribution, so if you're not living in Spain or France it's very likely you never had a chance to see it. As for the other projects, they are still at different stages in development or looking for financing- it's all kind of a slow, painful process, but things are shaping up little by little. We set up this studio to be able to focus on our own projects and try to keep a little more control on them, so even if it takes some time we think it's worth; hope we'll get there somehow, sooner or later.

With so many people watching the reel now, we thought it's only fair that we should let everyone know it was not only us making this. We are a very small studio indeed- only three of us working here actually, so we often have some artists collaborating with us. That is just great, cause they are some of the awesomest animators we could think of; Mr Julien Bizat, Pablo Navarro and Mael Gourmelen. Follow the links below so that you can check out their other work. Please visit them at once!





  1. I think i've spotted Mael's delightful animation skills on the "i'm a monster" shots, am i mistaken ? At least that's what i though seeing them... Good luck with your projects, such hard and nice work deserve a lot !

  2. Your stuff is amazing! When I sent the link to your reel around our studio all agreed it was jaw droppingly good. I hope your productions see the light of day sooner rather than later. Keep up with the inspiring posts!

  3. you guys are the best animators we have! from the 3 wise men to Nocturna and now this I'm a Monster looks brilliant, i wish you the best!

  4. Your showreel blew my mind! I was so disappointed when a quick search revealed that I couldn't actually see the completed movies on your reel (except Noctura) as they are absolutely oozing appeal, fun and style.

    I find myself going through your reel frame by frame just to try and get a sense of the magnificence of your work.

    Speaking of frame by frame. Would it be possible to upload a cleaner version without all the ghost frames? I'd love to see your work at the original frame rate it was intended to be viewed at.

    Cheers from Australia,
    Josh Bowman

  5. Do you have any idea when Nocturna will be viewable in the US? I'd been following that project for years (since I first saw it mentioned in 3D World), and have looked forward to watching it!


  6. Congratulations for your work. Beautiful colors, sensibility !
    I hope work with you a next day.


  7. Amazing reel! So much awesome stuff on Dad's Missing Head! I can't wait to see it!

  8. Ey! Por fin noticias vuestras! Ya vi algunas cosas la vez que os visitamos con el Uri, pero cada vez que veo el reel se me cae la baba. Es absolutamente genial.
    Aprendí muchísimo currando con vosotros, ojalá algún día pueda volver a hacerlo!

    Os sigo la pista! Hasta pronto, y mucha suerte con vustros nuevos proyectos.

    Un saludo!!


  9. Just saw the reel on the TV.
    Hopefully living in France so...
    Just bought Nocturna on Amazon ;)

  10. Los nuevos proyectos pintan magníficamente bien.

  11. I just saw the reel from a facebook sharing. Nocturna has realesed on a tv channel in my country, in Turkey. It was really great movie.

  12. La parte divertida (y un poco vergonzosa) es que yo compré un dvd pirata de Nocturna en el mercado informal aquí en México. Irónico ¿no? Estoy seguro de que ustedes no tienen idea de como la película llegó hasta aquí, al menos no de esa manera. Pero bueno, de otro modo no podía verla. Disculpen de antemano. (Espero no se enojen demasiado)

  13. Impresionante reel!! ¿Como puedo conseguir Nocturna?


  14. Hey guys. I really love your work! I work for a NH video production company and we think you guys are very inspiring. Keep the great content coming our way!



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